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[MF]After Effects CS5 - The Comprehensive Training (2010)

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    Video2brain: After Effects CS5 - The Comprehensive Training (2010) | 2.2 Gb

    Video2brain: After Effects CS5 - The comprehensive training - you do from scratch in Adobe's powerful tool for motion designers enter it and know what has to offer CS5? Nicola Boysen-Ahlers explains not only the operation of After Effects and what opportunities this offers sophisticated software, but also has a set of real-live examples and exercises from their practice for television and video productions for you ready.

    To be fit for demanding tasks such as tracking, keying, or complex layer effects.

    Category: Video Training
    Release Date 15/11/10
    Manufacturer: video2brain
    Homepage: _www.video2brain.com/de/products-652.htm
    Language: German
    Running time: 10 hours
    Format: .Iso

    With this video tutorial, you will receive a thorough introduction to the work surface and the basics to use After Effects professional. You will learn how the timeline works and what it has with keyframes on or what is behind masks and layers. You are cordially invited to the examples themselves by using the Join! Mode to try and once you are fit, come the turn of the trickier issues.

    Included are nested compositions, tracking, keying, text, animation or the popular Puppet Tool, to name a few. Nicola Boysen-Ahlers also shows how to cope with the many effect presets in After Effects and what the functions of the CS5-pay version, especially the Roto-brush or car key frame. This intensive course will prepare you for television and post production!

    From the contents:

    Introduction and Basics - This chapter takes you into the world of After Effects, makes you familiar with the interface of the program and tells you what version of CS5's offer.

    Useful - This section provides information as a start to some features that facilitate the daily work noticeably with After Effects.

    Animation and keyframes - Now we start with and learn how to set keyframes first and create animation, edit them and plead for special tools.

    Masks - In the movies of this section tells you what are masks and Alphakanaele and how to create and edit them. You will also learn what they need these items and what you "do" that can.

    Effects - Wrapped in crisp workshops this chapter provides a number of examples of effects and their application.

    Color Correction - Nicola Boysen-Ahlers about the principles of color correction and explains how to apply them in After Effects with the respective tools.

    Text - text creation, text animation and apply text animation presets from the Bridge are issues that will be on the daily life of a Motion Designers often. Get off from the ground up in and see several examples.

    Keying - This chapter describes the work with the various "keyers" of the program, shows the differences and examples for the respective ideal use.

    Tracking - a common requirement for After Effects users is to stabilize shaky footage. This section provides the techniques to work and you will see that with a tracker can still do everything else.

    3D - This chapter deals with the issue of 3D in After Effects and answers to popular questions: What is a 3D layer and how it affects the composition? How does one make light or a tracking shot?

    Render - This video shows how you spend your movies make sense for the respective target media and compressed fit if necessary.

    Even more benefit - a hodgepodge useful practice tips offer the films in this section. Topics that are missing not allowed! Given the null-object level are as much as expressions, painting options or stroke animations. You also find out more about what can be done with adjustment layers and their impact!

    Uebungsaufgaben and Applications - The final exercise require the combined use of the learned tools and techniques. They range from simple to complex: outline text and background animation, movement and create puppet animation tool, 3D text, animated line of form-level explosion, growing tendril, motion effect, magic wand effect.


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