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[MF]Digital-tutors: Fundamentals of Color Theory

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    Học phối màu với photoshop [​IMG] Digital-tutors: Fundamentals of Color Theory [HF,FS,Fs,US] Video Training | Hotfile-FileServe-FileSonic-UploadStore | 310Mb ​
    In this series of lessons we will be focusing on the fundamentals of color theory. We'll begin by learning about three different groups of color that, together make up the twelve segments of our basic color wheel. From there we'll talk about how these twelve segments can change using tints, shades, and tones. We'll then discuss color temperature followed by some basic rules for creating colors that harmonize. Next, we'll learn about the psychology behind color. Then we'll explore some of the tools within Photoshop for working with color. Finally we'll walk through a process that will help guide us in making great color selections on a real world project. Using the techniques discussed here, you'll gain a better understanding of how color works. You'll also be better equipped to make informed color decisions on your own projects. Lesson Outline (11 lessons) 1. Introduction and Project Overview 2. The basic components of the color wheel 3. Creating tints, shades and tones of color 4. Color temperature 5. Finding color harmony using basic color schemes 6. Continuing to find color harmony using basic color schemes 7. Color Psychology 8. Using the color picker in Photoshop 9. Using the Kuler extension in Photoshop 10. Simplifying the process of color selection on a project 11. Applying a color scheme on a project Download: mediafire

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