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    Video2Brain Flash CS5 GERMAN
    TEAM BLZiSO | 1.32GB
    Genre: eLearning

    Flash web designer not to come by! André Reinegger introduces you to this video tutorial, step by step in all tools. There are also techniques that allow you to create animated interactive Flash movies with graphics, sound and video. It should also mention the 3-D and bone tools and the new layout options for text. Equipped with the practical knowledge you will be able to realize projects of the banner animation to interactive web content for your customers. Two bonus chapters give a short introduction to ActionScript and explain how Flash CS5 Catalyst is used.

    From the contents:

    Meet in the introductory chapter the basics of Flash. In addition to the customization of the desktop you are presented here including all the interactive tools from the toolbox. Here you will learn in a short video about the functions of the different tools. For example, you learn to work as Selection, selection, gradient and type tool, spraying, Bone and retention tool and the eyedropper tool to get such a good reference book.

    Drawing with Flash
    After getting to know the general user, you will learn in this chapter to create and edit individual shapes and objects. Learn also how to work with the color palettes and gradients produce.

    Bitmaps in Flash
    Not all content that you can use in Flash, you create in Flash. In this chapter you will learn about importing and dealing with bitmap graphics in CS5.

    Working with Text
    The content on Flash presentations not only consist of vector and bitmap graphics. Naturally, Flash CS5 some text tools that can be adapted for different purposes. Look at the possibilities of text formatting in Flash in this chapter.

    Animation in Flash
    Armed with the knowledge from the previous chapters, it is time to devote themselves to the interesting part of flash - the creation of animations. You learn in this comprehensive section the operation of the timeline to know better and you will learn which types of animation Flash has in store for you.

    Sound and Video in Flash
    Only with the right sound to an animation experience. This section will demonstrate André Reinegger the uses of sound. You will also see how to spice up with Flash video in HD quality your sites even more.

    ActionScript 3 code fragments
    ActionScript 3 code fragments to help the designer to bring interactivity into the application. How you use these code fragments profitable, you will learn in this chapter.

    Your work is done - now is the time where you want to present your work to the public. This chapter is all about the publication settings in Flash.

    Integration - Flash in combination
    Flash can best work together with programs of the Creative Suite. Learn in this section, such as how to develop together with Device Central applications for mobile devices or how to produce directly from InDesign pre-flash files.

    Short Introduction to ActionScript 3
    Sascha Kersken
    ActionScript 3 is the main programming language of Flash CS5. Compared with ActionScript 2, many impressive new features added and the language is not backwards compatible with their predecessors. In this chapter some aspects of programming with AS3 will be put under the microscope: the reaction to events and changing and adding movie clips.

    Catalyst Flash CS5 - An Overview
    Constantin Ehrenstein
    Flash Catalyst is designed to close the gap between programmers and designers who want to develop the tools of the Creative Suite applications for the Flash platform. Watch this bonus movie as you use the "Team Player" Flash Catalyst.

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